Staff Directory

Teachers and Staff
Name Position Email  
Adams, Christina Treasurer/Bookkeeper  
Ainsworth, Sara ESL  
Amyx, Josh Assistant Principal  
Austin, D J Math  
Avery, Mary Ann Life Skills  
Bailey, Robert Science  
Baker, Stephanie Assistant Principal  
Ball, Marcia Exceptional Education  
Beaman, Scott Math  
Bennett, Brian English  
Bettner, Terry Music  
Blakely, Curtis Vocational  
Bourassa, Mimie Executive Assistant to Principal  
Bowling, Janet Secretary to Stephanie Baker  
Brattain, Frank Math  
Brazil, Laura Associate Principal  
Brown, Antoinette Vocational  
Brown, Sandra Exceptional Education  
Brown-Gabbard, Angie Life Skills  
Bruns, Damion English  
Bunner, Archer Exceptional Education  
Burke, Audrey English  
Busse, Abby Social Studies  
Calvert, Marcus Science  
Capps, Danny Social Studies  
Carpenter, Ashley English  
Cate, Cindy Civic Hall Secretary  
Cook, John Performing Arts Manager/Civic Hall  
Cox, AJ Social Studies  
Cruse-Griffin, India Drawing, Intro to 2D Art  
Davis, Deana Secretary to Laura Brazil  
Deane, Ronald Exceptional Education  
Demotte, Dolka Spanish  
Diego, Lesia Exceptional Education  
Fisher, Matt Attendance Officer  
Fisher, Matthew  Science  
Floyd, Samantha English  
Graft, Trey Social Studies  
Hansing, Mary Jane Math  
Hartman, Jennifer Exceptional Education  
Hawley, Sarah Science  
Hensley, Rusty Assistant Principal  
Hilbert, Brandon Science/ Engineer Design  
Hill, Jeremy English  
Hittson, Ken Math  
Hogg, Kate English  
Holeva, Matthew Alternative Ed/Social Studies  
Hoober, Stephanie Counselor  
Johnson, Celeste Instructional Coach  
Kendig, Nathan Construction  
Khaliq, Shabaz Credit Recocery  
Lady, Jennifer Registrar  
Lambright, Hunter Math  
Langley, Bill Spanish  
Lee, Jay Social Studies  
Lefresne, Sheila Exceptional Education  
Lucy, Jonathan Band  
Lynch-Houssain, Crystal Exceptional Education  
McCabe, Lucas Science  
McCargish, Tia English  
McKibbin, Cynthia PE/Health  
Moore, Gregg Fire & Rescue  
Morgan, Lisa Exceptional Education  
Murphy, Ron Exceptional Education  
Newman, Keith Math  
Nicholson, Robin Art  
Parks, Jane Secretary to Josh Amyx  
Philpot, Emily English  
Porter, Sally Counselor  
Price, Marc Counselor  
Puterbaugh, Tanner Choir tputerbqau  
Rahrer, Greg Math  
Reising, Katie FACS  
Ronne, Tre Social Studies/Early College  
Russell, James Radio/TV  
Santner, Meagan Math  
Sayne, Brian Exceptional  Education  
Scheiben, Tess Spanish  
Schlabach, Joel Social Studies  
Schlotterbeck, Raeanne Child Dev., Nutrition & Wellness  
Seibel, Scott Math/Alternative Ed  
Selm, Denise Business  
Shank, Adam Drafting  
Sheilds, Jared PE/Conditioning  
Sherrow, Emily English  
Simmons, Mark Band  
Smith, Maddy Health/PE  
Smith, Tammy Secretary to Rusty Hensley  
Sonsini, Tony Health/PE  
Stout, Stephanie Science  
Summey, Joshua Automotive  
Thrasher, Renee Science  
Webb, Greg Science  
West, Michael Orchestra  
Wilson, Larry Machine Tool  
Witham, Angela Business  
Woolpy, Rae Principal  
Worch, Derek French  
Wysong, Alyssa Counselor  
York, Cassidy Secretary to Josh Amyx