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Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Position at RHS Email Address  
Adams Christina Treasurer [email protected]
Amyx Josh Assistant Principal [email protected]  
Austin D.J. Math Teacher [email protected]
Avery Mary Ann Applied Skills Teacher [email protected]
Bailey Brennyn Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Bailey Rob Science Teacher [email protected]
Baker Stephanie Assistant Principal [email protected]
Ball Karen English Teacher [email protected]
Beaman Scott Math Teacher [email protected]
Bennett Brian English Teacher [email protected]
Bolser Clay Athletic Director [email protected]
Bowling Janet Secretary to Principal Baker [email protected]
Brattain Frank Math Teacher [email protected]
Brewer Steve Exceptional Education [email protected]
Brim-Siders Connie FACS [email protected]
Brown Sandra Exceptional Education [email protected]
Bruns Damion English Teacher [email protected]
Bunner Archer Exceptional Education [email protected]
Busse Abby Social Studies [email protected]
Calderon Sandra EN Interpreter [email protected]
Calhoun Kyran  Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Calvert Marcus Science Teacher [email protected]
Cate Cindy Civic Hall Secretary [email protected]
Colaj Renee Spanish Teacher [email protected]  
Cook John Civic Hall Performing Arts Manager [email protected]  
Cox A.J. Social Studies [email protected]
Cox Wayne Exceptional Education [email protected]  
Davis Deana Executive Assistant to Principal Woolpy [email protected]
Deane Ron Art Teacher [email protected]
Demotte Dolka Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Diego Lesia Exceptional Education [email protected]
Dilworth Lori Math Teacher [email protected]
Douglas Derrick Math Teacher [email protected]
Etherington Rachel Asst AD/PE Teacher [email protected]
Fisher Matt Science Teacher [email protected]  
Fisher Matt Attendance Liaison [email protected]
Floyd Samantha English Teacher [email protected]
Garanger Iglesias Jose ENL Teacher [email protected]
Gray  Ashley English Teacher [email protected]
Hansing Mary Math Teacher [email protected]
Hartman Jennifer Applied Skills Teacher [email protected]
Hawley Sarah Science Teacher [email protected]
Hensley Rusty Assistant Principal Career Center [email protected]
Hicks Corrina English Teacher [email protected]
Hilbert Brandon Science/ Engineer Design [email protected]
Hill Jeremy Media Center [email protected]
Hittson Ken Math Teacher [email protected]
Hogg Kate English Teacher [email protected]
Holeva Matt Alternative Ed/Social Studies [email protected]
Hoober Stephanie Assistant Principal [email protected]
Jenkins Matt Secretary to Principal Brazil [email protected]
Johnson Celeste Instructional Coach [email protected]
Jones Carson Social Studies [email protected]
Kendig Nate Construction Teacher [email protected]
Kerns Randy Social Studies [email protected]
Lady Jennifer Athletic Secretary [email protected]
Lambright Hunter Math Teacher [email protected]
Leddington Brenda Teacher - Deaf/Hearing [email protected]
Lee Jay Credit Recovery Teacher [email protected]  
Lewis Hannah Social Studies [email protected]
Lynch-Houssain Crystal Exceptional Education [email protected]
Matitu John Math Teacher [email protected]
Mattix Rod Career Pathway Specialist [email protected]  
McCabe Lucas Science Teacher [email protected]
McCargish Tia English Teacher [email protected]
McKibbin Cindy Health Teacher [email protected]
Medley Michael English Teacher [email protected]
Merkamp Daniel Band Director [email protected]
Monnin Michelle Social Studies [email protected]
Moore Gregg Fire/Rescue [email protected]
Murphy Ron Exceptional Education [email protected]
Newman Keith Math Teacher [email protected]
Nicholson Robin Art Teacher [email protected]
Parks Jane Registrar [email protected]
Philpot Emily Alternative Ed/English [email protected]
Porter Sally Counselor [email protected]
Price Marc Social Studies [email protected]
Puterbaugh Tanner Choir Teacher [email protected]
Reising Katie FACS [email protected]
Ronne Tre Social Studies [email protected]
Rose Kate English Teacher [email protected]
Russell Jim Radio/TV Teacher [email protected]
Schmidt Tyler Social Studies [email protected]
Seibel Scott Alternative Ed/English [email protected]
Selm Denise Business Teacher [email protected]
Shank Adam Drafting Teacher [email protected]
Shipley Kim Devilette Sponsor [email protected]
Simmons Ben EMT [email protected]
Simmons Mark Band Teacher [email protected]
Smith Tammy Secretary to Principal Hensley [email protected]
Snider Justin PE/Strength & Conditioning [email protected]
Spicher Joseph Head Maintenance [email protected]
Stout Stephanie Science Teacher [email protected]
Summey Josh Automotive Teacher [email protected]
Thalls Rick School Resource Office RCS Police Dept. [email protected]
Thrasher Renee Science Teacher [email protected]
Trantanella Amanda Applied Skills Teacher [email protected]
Ward Allyson Meridian Nurse Manager [email protected]
Webb Greg Science Teacher [email protected]
West Michael Orchestra [email protected]
Wilson Brittany Applied Skills Teacher [email protected]
Wilson Larry Machine Tool Teacher [email protected]
Wilson Trey  Exceptional Education [email protected]
Wissel Ben Conditioning [email protected]
Witham Angie Business Teacher [email protected]
Woolpy Rae Principal [email protected]  
Worch Derek French Teacher [email protected]
Wright Billy Basketball Coach/Student Support [email protected]
Wright Monica Counselor [email protected]
Wysong Alyssa Counselor [email protected]
York Cassidy Secretary to Principal Amyx [email protected]