Accessing GradPoint

The Richmond Online Graduation Academy utilizes Pearson GradPoint as its courseware software. GradPoint provides personalized learning paths for each students to enable them to work at their own pace recover credits or master new skills.

Accessing GradPoint

After you enroll in the Richmond Online Graduation Academy, you will be provided with an authorized username and password to start using GradPoint. Click HERE to access GradPoint.

You also can use the Richmond High School Shortcuts & Links page to access GradPoint, which is found using the following steps:


  1. From our Web site (, click on “Students”.
  2. Click on “Shortcuts & Links".
  3. Click on “High School Shortcuts & Links”.
  4. Click on “GradPoint”.
  5. Enter your GradPoint username and password.

GradPoint System Requirements

To ensure your computer at home can run GradPoint properly, you should take a few moments to check your computer for required software and hardware. On the GradPoint Web site, click the arrow next to Browser Tune Up. If you are ready to check your system now, click the picture below: