In his 3rd year of teaching at RCS, Mr. Puterbaugh teaches multiple choirs at Richmond High School and Dennis Middle School. He is also the Music Director for the Richmond High School Drama Club called the Red Devil Players. Mr. Puterbaugh graduated from Indiana University East where he majored in Music/Humanities. He is currently working on his Master in Education. He primarily sang throughout college but also studied French horn. 
Chamber Choir is an audition based choir that consists of some of the most experienced singers in the school. Chamber Choir is an advanced ensemble that learns music from a multitude of genres and eras. Chamber Choir competes in contests all around Indiana and performs at multiple choir concerts throughout the school year along with multiple public performances. If you are an advanced musician, this could be the ensemble for you. 
Symphonic Choir is an entry level choir where students learn how to solidify prior music knowledge. This group is made up of many different experiences and allows for the students to learn, discuss, and perform different chorale deputies. This choir performs in multiple concerts throughout the school year along with a handful of contests throughout the school year. If you are looking to work on your music knowledge or if you are a beginner, this is the choir for you. 
Show Choir is a new choir at RHS that started in 2021. The Show Choir performs a multitude of music pulled from popular music and musical theatre. Along with singing the choir also dances. Show Choir performs in multiple concerts throughout the school year along with contests around the Midwest. If you are interested in joining a high energy ensemble and have a strong understanding of music or dance, this could be the ensemble for you.
Intro to instruments 
If you are new to music and want the chance to learn how to play in an instrumental ensemble, this could be the class for you. This class mainly plays bells and a wide selection of percussion instruments.  
The RHS Choirs are an ever growing program where everyone is accepted. We look forward to welcoming new faces into the RHS music department. Come be a part of an amazing community of musicians!