Steel Band Ensemble


The Richmond Steel Band is in their 12th year of existence. The Steel Band is under the direction of Mr. Terry Bettner. The Richmond Steel Band has performed with both the Miami University Steel Band as well as world renown Steel Pan artist Andy Narrell. The pans are custom made Mannette Chrome Steel Pans constructed from 55 gallon oil drums. The original steel drums were made from cracker tins and were invented on the island of Trinidad around the time of WWII. Ellie Mannette then took the original design and crafted them into the symphonic instrument that we enjoy today. The instruments you will hear and learn about tonight will include; Lead Pans, Double Second Pans, Guitar/Cello Pans, Bass Pans, Drum Set and the accessory instruments of what is called The Engine Room. We are very fortunate to offer the experience of Caribbean music to the students of Richmond High School.

Click HERE to hear the Richmond Fight Song performed by the RHS Steel Drum Ensemble.