School Song

(To the tune of Illinois Loyalty)

We're loyal to you, Richmond High
We're red and we're white, Richmond High
We'll back you to stand, 'gainst the best in the land,
For we know you have sand, Richmond High, Rah, Rah.

So pass 'round that ball, Richmond High
We're backing you all, Richmond High.
Our team is our fame protector, on team, for we expect a
Victory from you, Richmond High.

The Richmond High School Alma Mater
Dear Richmond High, stately thy grace, all hail.
Tribute we bring to thee as we sing, all hail.
Mem'ries float by as through the halls we trail.
Cherished with pride, oh school of our life, all hail.
Cherished with pride, O school of our life, all hail.